Solar Light Towers

Progress Solar ™ Light Towers (Mobile Units)

  • Brilliant White LED Lighting – On-Demand
  • Cost Effective - Saves Energy and the Environment
  • Operates on Free Solar Renewable Energy

Anywhere a Light-On-Demand Application is Needed

The Progress Solar ™ Light Tower (SLT™ Series) is a series of rugged, mobile light systems that provide high-intensity, bright white lighting on-demand, where and when you need it.

Each model offers 2 independent solar off-grid systems that are durable and built to perform; they are equipped with premium quality solar power arrays; high-lumen LED flood lights; and large, long-life, deep-cycle battery banks (flooded or AGM, no maintenance options).

  Diesel/Gas Solar
Cost of Fuel $5.00 per hour $0.00
Cost of Labor $20.00 per hour $0.00
Cost of Maintenance $450.00 per month $0.00
Total Savings $0.00 $1000.00 per month per unit

The light towers are fully adjustable from 12-30ft in height, able to tilt up/down and rotate 360 degrees. The solid-state LED flood lights provide a tremendous amount of light with very little power required; instant-on/off with no flickering; extremely reliable, vibration and shatter resistant; and designed to provide up to 5x longer run time between changes than metal halide lights.

The maximum power point tracking solar controllers protect the batteries from over/under charging and the lights can be automatically timer controlled to turn on/off with manual override capabilities. The systems are in industrial quality housing on a portable trailer that can be easily towed to its destination.